Why gluten free?

     You may notice that sometimes I post recipes that are gluten free.

     I don't believe that people should have a gluten free diet just because it seems cool, or whatever. God gave us wonderful foods and they should be enjoyed!

     However, I do believe that some people really can benefit from eliminating gluten and/or wheat from their diets. There are real problems that can be fixed by staying away from them. I had one of those horrible problems, and desperate for relief, I went off of gluten. It took many months for it to get out of my system, but once it did, my problem went away and I was so much healthier! I continue to stay away from it as much as possible, and my problem stays away, too.

     For me personally, a (mostly) gluten free diet works. I've found alternative recipes that I seriously love, and I'm very content with them! Being gluten free has also helped me to become more creative in the kitchen! I've had to stretch myself by turning regular recipes into gluten free ones, buying ingredients that we've never had before, and just trying new things!

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