Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Peanut Butter pie

Lesson: A peanut butter pie that has nothing but Greek yogurt and peanut butter in it leaves MUCH to be desired!

What was I thinking when I thought it might taste good? I know not the answer.

Thankfully though, I tasted it before pouring it into the oreo crust. So, per my mom's suggestion, I added a fourth of a cup of powdered sugar. Still way too bitter and sour. After adding another fourth of a cup, it tasted kind of yummy.

Taste: Much better
Consistency: Considering I could feel the powdered sugar going down my throat...not very good. (But as you can see, we still ate it out of desperation for something sweet.)

Lesson: don't make a Greek yogurt and peanut butter pie! No matter how simple and healthy it may sound!

Peanut butter is amazing, and it deserves better treatment. Don't you agree?

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